WWII Meets Chuck E. Cheese

" Warning! Crack fic ahead! Enter at your own risk!!

Rating: P13, bitches.
What is childhood good for other than fueling pedophilia and shotacon?

Being a kid is exciting and fun. If you were bored, you could easily find something to do. You made up your own games rather than play overpriced games that nerds made. Some of your best and most treasured memories were created during your childhood.

You want to go back to feeling like a child. To not caring about relationships or school or life at all.  Let me take you back to a spot in childhood that I hope everyone has experienced--a trip to Chuck E. Cheese through the eyes of the (adult) Allies and Axis Powers.

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[[ sims 2 ]] every end is a new beginning

So today I mourn the death of my Sims game. I'm not going to go into details, but the game and all my data is gone. But I have to be optimistic. I'm getting a new computer in a couple of weeks and it'll run the game faster so at least I can get all my stuff back in less the time and lag.

Um, yeah. So I decided to make a post highlighting the funniest pictures I've taken over the course of my Hetalia Sims adventures. Most you will have already seen if you read my other posts. I would have added new material but my folders are gone so I can't. =D How fantastic is that?!

break down of pcitures ;;

- Sexy moments
- Crying /rage moments
- WTF moments
- Pregnant/baby moments
- Other

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[[ Hetalia FST ]] KNOW THE ENEMY

Cover design by me

: "All-fitting". Songs that do not describe a single character but could be fit many different characters, a group of characters, or the entire Hetalia cast as a whole.
Moods: Some serious, happy, fun, bad ass, angry...
Rating: PG13 for language
Number of tracks: 53
All these songs should play fine in any media player and should be able to be added to your iPod.

Sorry, the album art is included in the .rar file. I didn't know it did that.
I'm also sorry about the last few seconds of Pork and Beans. I dont know...

Download links:
Part One: 1-26 ( includes two different versions of track 14)
Part Two: 27-52

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[[ SIMS 2 ]] Allies Move!

FFFT. Just cleaned out my snapshot folder and my PB so I'm feelin' good about this. *dizzy*

So yeah. This post includes...
- the Allies move into a giant ass home and do stupid shit
- Fucking hilarious facial expressions

I know I promised a friend I'd include Greece, but I kinda wanted to get pictures of the new move, etc. The Greece/Japan date will be posted tomorrow

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