awfullybad (awfullybad) wrote,

Sim 2 Asylum [Part 1]

CAST: China, America, Russia, Korea, France, Prussia, Germany, Japan.

So, I'll be controlling China. His ltw is become a Rock God so it shouldn't be too hard. Alright, so things start off okay...

They're all watching TV and talking while China reads a cookbook in hopes that he'll get enough experience to not burn the house down.

I make China use the bathroom before things start to get messy.

Everyone is getting along nicely.

Right, so China begins painting since I know his music career will require lots of creativity. 

In a matter of minutes, my fears come true. Say hello to the bathroom crowd. A bunch of dudes all trying to take a piss at the same time. And none of them want to piss in front of other people.

America tring to kick Japan out of the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Germany is chill.




Burnt food.


Oh, yeah. Germany now smells like shit. Russia too. Japan too. And Russia.

That won't help you much, Russia....

But this might!

America puts the moves on shit!Germany. Why? I have no idea. Germany obviously will have none of it.

So, I make China go for Korea. I don't ship them, but I figure since they're both Romance Sims, I can kill two Aspiration meter birds with one stone.

Whisper sweet nothings to him, China~


I bet you Asiacest fans like this.

But then I decide I like America/China more so... 

China tries to sweet talk him. It doesn't work, but it successfully pissed Korea off.

Commence the slap+cry fest.

No, America! You're fighting the WRONG Korea!

Korea wins. Amazingly.

Meanwhile, Japan is content with life.

Speaking of Japan, he and Korea have a pillow fight.

Then people start to sleep, and this is where some trouble stirs. I have a double bed but America INSISTS on sleeping in his underwear, preventing someone from sharing a bed with him. Asshole. Finally, South Korea joins him in bed. (WHY?) They sleep for what feels like FOREVER.

Prussia and Japan are about to pass out from sleep deprivation. 

Give China some privacy, asshole.

Another fight. America wins.

It's sad to think Korea and America were friends not too long ago...

The only three not asleep. Poor fellows.

Coffee, anyone?

FINALLY. There is hope!!

Japan finally can sleep but keeps waking up because he has to piss so badly. Ends up wetting himself. Aww.

And I'll wrap this up with Prussia facepalming! Hope you enjoyed this ;)

Tags: sims 2

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