awfullybad (awfullybad) wrote,

World Parade: Hetalia Webzine

Sure, you could browse Pixiv for your OTP or get your daily fangirling lulz through tumblr and conclude by the end of the day that you really got to enjoy your fandom, but why stop at that when you could connect with Hetalia in a way you never have before? Every wonder what kind of love advice America would give? In the mood for some funny and creative articles about your favorite characters? Every wanted to ask Russia anything? How about keeping up with your current events through Hetalia-fied lens? Do you love absorbing little historical tidbits or playing brain teasers? There’s a free, online magazine that includes all of these things right here with your username on it. All these pages are colorfully and skillfully designed so you’ll never have to suffer a dull moment.

Made for fans by fans, World Parade is your connection to your Hetalia and all of its amazing quirks and characters – so my only question is, why not?

( And the World Parade LJ is riiight this way~ )
Tags: world parade

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