awfullybad (awfullybad) wrote,

pimping out my Sims LJ, once again

Tags: sims, sims 2, sims 3

  • Sim 2 Asylum [Part 1]

    CAST: China, America, Russia, Korea, France, Prussia, Germany, Japan. So, I'll be controlling China. His ltw is become a Rock God so it…

  • SIMS 2 DOWNLOAD [Allied Forces]

    Hi there! I bring you part one Bad's version of the Axis Powers Hetalia Sims: The Allied Forces + Canada! Please keep in mind that the facial…

  • [[ sims 2 ]] victory!

    The Axis Powers moved in with the Allied Forces yay Mmyeah, I got all eight of them to move in! So right now I have 16/28 Sims in the house.…

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