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[fanfic] Winning
title: Winning
series: Harvest Moon Animal Parade
genre: Humor
rating: T+ for f-bombs
word count: 1,040
summary:  Toby, the beloved Animal Parade fisherman is losing his company- and his sanity

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Or read it below this cut.Collapse )

I will be primarily focusing on my Sims journal



Crack Bomb! is a collection of unrelated, one-shot crackfic about Axis Powers Hetalia, primarily
focusing on the Allied Forces and their lulzy adventures.

{ 1 } WWII Meets Chuck E. Cheese
{ 2 } From Idiots to the Insane
{ 3 } Stop! You'll Scare the Kids!
{ 4 } Kawaii Frackin' Desu Ka

Sim 2 Asylum [Part 1]
CAST: China, America, Russia, Korea, France, Prussia, Germany, Japan.

Excuse the fail!quality of the Sims 2 screen shots. Anyway, post ho~! ?Collapse )

SIMS 2 DOWNLOAD [Allied Forces]
 Hi there! I bring you part one Bad's version of the Axis Powers Hetalia Sims: The Allied Forces + Canada!

cut cut cut cut cut~Collapse )

World Parade: Hetalia Webzine
Sure, you could browse Pixiv for your OTP or get your daily fangirling lulz through tumblr and conclude by the end of the day that you really got to enjoy your fandom, but why stop at that when you could connect with Hetalia in a way you never have before? Every wonder what kind of love advice America would give? In the mood for some funny and creative articles about your favorite characters? Every wanted to ask Russia anything? How about keeping up with your current events through Hetalia-fied lens? Do you love absorbing little historical tidbits or playing brain teasers? There’s a free, online magazine that includes all of these things right here with your username on it. All these pages are colorfully and skillfully designed so you’ll never have to suffer a dull moment.

Made for fans by fans, World Parade is your connection to your Hetalia and all of its amazing quirks and characters – so my only question is, why not?

( And the World Parade LJ is riiight this way~ )

Kawaii Frackin' Desu Ka
Title: Kawaii Frackin' Desu Ka
Characters: Allies, Japan and a random weeabo
Pairings: implied Russia/America
Genre: Crack
Warnings: Making fun of goths/emos/weeabos, China/Japan bickering, profanity, sexual themes and naked Canada
Summery: Canada goes goth, Russia gets a hard on for watching America eat, Japan and China get into a fight, Canada goes emo, France buys some panties, Japan gets harassed by a weeabo, China runs from some security gaurds, America is a real thug and something dramatic happens to England. Oh my!

Something about this creature made Japan want to stab her with his katana. To be more exact, something about this creature made Japan want to beat her to death with a slab of raw fish. Salted, of course.Collapse )

Hetalia Webzine Casting [CLOSED]
 If you havent already heard about this, or have no idea what it really is, you probably wanna check THIS out. :>

Please click the cut and read the job descriptions VERY carefully before applying!Collapse )

[crackfic] Stop! You'll Scare the Kids!
Characters: Allied Forces, Canada, Japan, Austria, Lebanon
Pairings: Russia/America, France/Lebanon, UK/China
Rating: PG13
Warnings: tourettes!Dark!Kiku, an Original Character appearance,  sexual content, profanity, light violence, MORE OF CHINA'S ASS JOKES
Seeing as it was a beatiful day in Spring, the Allied Forces have decided to spend a day at a small community park. While there, they happen to meet a singing Austria, a suicidal Canada and better yet, Japan who seems to have developed tourettes syndrome and will blurt out violent profanities.

Then there was a mad dash. People were throwing their clothes back on, England had to seriously struggle to push China's ass OUT of the jail, Austria had tripped over a rock and had fallen, France was doging bullets, America was getting beat with a baton while Russia had melee combat with a group of officers...it was a disaster. Japan pulled out his sword and gave a shout, "BONSAII!!!" before charging into the crowd of officers who were all armed with hand guns.Collapse )


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